Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mini Sessions, Mega Shoot

Do you know I have a facebook page for my business? It's true. At first I was conflicted about getting one, especially with the "became a fan" terminology. It just seemed a bit egotistical. What was really the point of sites like that except to bask in the number of your fans? "They like me, they really like me!" But I got one anyway, because it seemed like the thing to do to stay current and now that I'm uploading shoots to that page the reason I have it is evident, it WAY easier to upload images in that format then to blogger. So, to get sneak peeks faster, join me on facebook here.

The other day I did a mega shoot of lots of little mini-sessions for one of our church's home groups.

It went really well and I think I've found how I'm going to conduct bluebonnet shoots next year. Mini sessions are 10-30 minutes long and get you about 20-30 images, and really that's about the length of time a child will stay enthralled to be in the bluebonnets anyway. Win/win.:)

We started with Katherine and her parents

Then sweet sisters Evelyn and Maeve

This is Maeve

And this is big sister Evelyn.

Next in line was Ella and her parents

I know I posted this image before in color, but I really like it, so I'm going to post it again ;)

Next up was Kate and her parents!

Then Ethan, Mira and Natalie.

Ethan was SO into having his picture made. Love it!

Sweet Mira was a tiny bit more reserved.

Miss Natalie just wanted to be photographed with her mama.

Then I shot Addison and her parents.

Isn't she delicious?

Then Caleigh and Reese

Caleigh's getting teeth! Love it!

This chair is definitely the best 5 dollar garage sale purchase I've ever made! It lifts the kids up off the grass/flowers so the texture isn't an issue and helps to keep them in one place.

Last but not least is Reid and Grace. Grace is the same baby who is in my blog header, just a little bit bigger!

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Very nice, I like the "Mask" quote.