Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On Availbility...

Isn't it starting to be so completely gorgeous outside?! Few things are as lovely as the Texas wildflowers in the Spring! Probably due to this fact, I am the busiest I have been yet session wise. (Which is a wonderful thing to be!)

I am currently completely booked for the month of April with 1-3 shoots a day. The only type of shoot I *might* be able to add to the schedule would be a newborn session as they are typically shot indoors and midday, which is a impossible time to shoot the bluebonnets at!

Rest assured if you are in correspondence with me, I am trying to find you a good option!

I am currently scheduling May and June shoots!


William said...

Congrats on being so busy! :)

The Schmidt's said...

i requested a quote and no reply :-(